Ring Lake Ranch: Faces of the Ranch Video #1 (Amanda & Ben Verheul)

Relationships are a big part of the Ring Lake Ranch experience and a guest’s relationship with the Ranch often begins well before their first visit. This video is the first in what will hopefully be a series of videos introducing key Ranch staff and allowing viewers and future guests to get to know the folks who will help make their Ranch visit memorable and potentially life-changing. Introducing Amanda and Ben Verheul!

Video: Faces of the Ranch: Amanda & Ben Verheul (Vimeo – 4:46)

Video: Faces of the Ranch: Amanda & Ben Verheul (YouTube – 4:47)


April Masterson, Marketing Services Specialist: LimnTech Animated Product Demo Video

LimnTech Scientific needed a demo video to showcase their new GPS-based line-painting technology. However, they didn’t yet have a prototype or anything “live” to shoot. So, we decided to use animation to demonstrate how LimnTech is vastly improving the line-painting industry. TD Post & Animation provided the animation for the video and the custom logo anim that closes the video. Very fun and effective final piece!

Video: LimnTech Animated Product Demo (Vimeo – 2:00)

Video: LimnTech Animated Product Demo (YouTube – 2:00)


Ring Lake Ranch: Families & The Ranch Video

Ring Lake Ranch has a long history of family engagement and intergenerational or multi-generational connection with the Ranch. This video, with a narrative thread provided by current director Andy Blackmun, allows kids and different generations of adults to tell the story of what makes Ring Lake Ranch a great place for families. While spending a week at the Ranch with my family in July of 2012, my kids had a fantastic time!

Video: Families & The Ranch (Vimeo – 5:00)

Video: Families & The Ranch (YouTube – 5:01)


Fresh Expressions U.S.: Mini-Doc Series #1

As the fresh expressions movement continues to spread and new expressions of church are developing, Fresh Expressions U.S. wanted to produce a series of mini-documentaries highlighting some of the new ways folks are living out faith in their community. We spent a week shooting interviews and b-roll in and around Richmond, Virginia, and in Durham, North Carolina. It was a fantastic time capturing a bit of the essence of these faith communities and the ways these folks are engaging in and with their communities. The first 3 mini-docs are complete; the 4th one is almost there. And we hope to shoot the next 3 or 4 this spring.

*NOTE* Fresh Expressions US has not released these publicly yet, so these are currently NOT available to view  *NOTE*

Video: Giving Ourselves Away For the Gospel: Third Presbyterian Church & East End Fellowship

Video: From Rural to Suburban: Graceland Baptist and Incarnational Mission

Video: Doing What We Do, To God’s Glory: Tobacco Trail Church


ICETEC Energy Services: MTC Logistics Case Study Video

Coinciding with the launch of their redesigned website, ICETEC wanted to begin using video to tell stories of their clients–stories that aren’t about ICETEC per se but tell a story of energy use, energy procurement and load management that happen to have a happy business ending because of the relationship formed with ICETEC. Our first case study is MTC Logistics, a cold storage and shipping company located near the Port of Baltimore. In this video, our story is narrated by the President of MTC and he tells us about their energy history and facilities situation while promoting the significant impact that ICETEC has made in their operations and fiscal bottom line. More case study videos are in the planning stages.

ICETEC also decided to move forward with a custom logo animation. Based on client input and an understanding of who ICETEC is and what they do, the logo animation was created and used as the video intro, bookended by a video outro version that contains their URL. This animation can also be used in presentations and will be seen in future videos.

Video: MTC Logistics Case Study (Vimeo – 5:58)

Video: MTC Logistics Case Study (YouTube – 5:59)


Potential, Inc. & The Springtime School: Overview Video & 3 Shorter Variations

Potential, Inc. and The Springtime School are Newtown-based organizations providing services and support to children and adults with Autism. For their first foray into story-based video communications, Potential decided to provide an overview of who they are and what services they provide. We accomplished this using Kristine Quinby, Founder and Executive Director, as the narrative thread, along with supporting interviews from staff and parents. The result is an clear and honest portrayal of what living with Autism can be like and the possibilities for growth and development with individualized services.

In addition to the 7-minute “long version” of the Overview Video, I also edited a Mini-Overview version, along with a Parent Testimonial video and a Serving Adults video. These will be used for both marketing and development.

Video: Overview Video (Vimeo – 7:06) or Overview Video (YouTube – 7:06)

Video: Parent Testimonial (Vimeo – 3:33) or Parent Testimonial (YouTube – 3:34)

Video: Serving Adults (Vimeo – 1:35) or Serving Adults (YouTube – 1:35)

Video: Mini-Overview (Vimeo – 3:18) or Mini-Overview (YouTube – 3:19)


ADHD Aware: Summit Overview video

ADHD Aware recently hosted the 1st National ADHD Youth Leadership Summit, a 1-day event that drew attendees from over 10 different U.S. states. The event brought together kids and adults impacted by ADHD and offered separate sessions for each based on age brackets and gender. We shot the event with 2 cameras, covering the registration/breakfast period, main sessions, kids lunch hour and most of the breakout sessions throughout the day. This video gives you a glimpse into the day’s events, so those who attended can be reminded of how great it was and those who did not attend will be enticed to attend the next event.

Video: Summit Overview Video (Vimeo – 5:07)

Video: Summit Overview Video (YouTube – 5:08)


Access Services: Videos from Ndola, Zambia, trip

In late 2011, I travelled with a small team from Access Services to Ndola, Zambia, where Access would begin laying the groundwork for a partnership with Bible Way Ministries to help care for their widows and orphans. The trip was educational, enlightening, and, of course, heart wrenching. Extreme unemployment (~90%). Extreme poverty. Under-nourishment and malnutrition. HIV/AIDS. Malaria. Video production was obviously not the focus of the trip so all video was shot in available conditions and as it fit into the existing schedule of activity. These videos are used in Access’ fundraising efforts for the projects in Ndola.

Video: Children’s Hospital Visit (Vimeo – 1:46)

Video: Children’s Hospital Visit (YouTube – 1:47)

Video: One Family’s Story (Vimeo – 3:08)

Video: One Family’s Story (YouTube – 3:09)

Video: Testimonial: George (Vimeo – 1:26)

Video: Testimonial: George (YouTube – 1:26)

Video: Testimonial: Memory (Vimeo – 2:46)

Video: Testimonial: Memory (YouTube – 2:47)


Fresh Expressions U.S.: Plenary Session Teaser Videos

At the Fresh Expressions U.S. National Gathering, all 6 of the plenary sessions were shot in their entirety with 2 cameras. Each edited complete session video is available for sale through the Fresh Expressions U.S. website. In order to teaser the web visitor, each complete session video has a matching session teaser video. Here are examples of two of the session teaser videos.

Video: Plenary Session #4: How Existing Churches Propel Fresh Expressions (with Jo Saxton) (Vimeo – 1:35)

Video: Plenary Session #4: How Existing Churches Propel Fresh Expressions (with Jo Saxton) (YouTube – 1:36)

Video: Plenary Session #5: How Fresh Expressions Begin, Develop, and Grow (with Bishop Graham Cray) (Vimeo – 2:08)

Video: Plenary Session #5: How Fresh Expressions Begin, Develop, and Grow (with Bishop Graham Cray) (YouTube – 2:09)


Fresh Expressions U.S.: Testimonial Videos

All throughout the National Gathering, I shot many interviews with denominational leaders, church representatives and other folks connected in large or small part to Fresh Expressions U.S. After transcribing, these interviews were cut down to easily digestible, connected segments–essentially video testimonials communicating each subjects thoughts on Fresh Expressions–why it is important, how it has helped or will help both their local congregation and their affiliated denomination, etc. Each is very personal, thoughtful and unique to the individual. Many thanks to First Baptist Church of Alexandria (Alexandria, Virginia) for allowing me to move into any available space. There are 19 total testimonial videos. Here are 2 of them as examples.

Video: Bishop Graham Cray: What is Fresh Expressions? (Vimeo – 2:32)

Video: Bishop Graham Cray: What is Fresh Expressions? (YouTube – 2:33)

Video: Bruce Hill: Partnering with a Common Vision (Vimeo – 1:59)

Video: Bruce Hill: Partnering with a Common Vision (YouTube – 2:00)


Fresh Expressions U.S.: Teaser Video

A few months ago, Fresh Expressions U.S. hosted their first National Gathering. There were 2 full days of plenary sessions and breakout sessions that followed a day or so of meetings with key denominational leaders. One of the videos that came out of the event shoot was this teaser video. Using event footage, including man-on-the-street interviews, this well-paced video proposes and answers the question “What is Fresh Expressions?” Used mainly online, the web viewer will now be able to understand the core of who Fresh Expressions is before reading through the website.

Video: Fresh Expressions U.S. Teaser Video (Vimeo – 2:30)

Video: Fresh Expressions U.S. Teaser Video (YouTube – 2:31)


WellStar Marketing: Unisys Stealth Security Suite video

At long last, I had an opportunity to work with Barb Alba of WellStar Marketing to produce a video for her client Unisys. After working with Barb to clean up the script, I secured a location, hired talent, bribed a few “extras” and produced this great little Unisys video. This video uses a story scenario to creatively introduce the Unisys Stealth Security Suite to the corporate public. The video was the focus of a video mailer to a very special list of recipients, who were then follow up with by a telemarketing team.

Closing logo animation created and built by friend/colleague Tom Donnelly of TD Post & Animation (real website coming soon!).

Many thanks to Down to Earth Cafe (Perkasie, PA), Model Management Agency (Langhorne, PA), and Aaron Castro (and his friend) for being part of the team on this project.

Video: Unisys Stealth Security Suite (Vimeo – 3:15)

Video: Unisys Stealth Security Suite (YouTube – 3:15)


TD Post & Animation: AT&T Platform as a Service Videos

These AT&T studio-based, scripted videos are a big production. The team is large and the products turn out well. For this series of videos, I was brought in by my friend/colleague at TD Post & Animation to review production notes of the multi-take (rather than multi-camera) shoot, put together a tight first cut (including screen captures), add in supplied graphic elements, and turn it back over for fine tuning and polishing.

Three videos have yet to be posted, but click here to view “Mobilizing Your Apps with AT&T Platform as a Service” on the AT&T Enterprise YouTube channel.


Fresh Expressions U.S. : Hope For the Church—Hope For the World (ECC Video)

Fresh Expressions U.S. was hosting a Vision Day with leaders of the Evangelical Congregational Church denomination. This video shows attendees a bit about Fresh Expressions while utilizing interviews with Chris Backert (Fresh Expressions’ U.S. National Director) and 2 key ECC folks to answer the question: What is Fresh Expressions?

Except for the Chris Backert interview that was shot at the October 2011 Vision Day, all footage was shot at the first Fresh Expressions U.S. National Gathering in Alexandria, Virginia, in March 2012. Check back soon for testimonial videos, Q&A videos, main session videos and a fun Fresh Expressions teaser video.

Video: Hope For the Church—Hope For the World (Vimeo – 4:38)

Video: Hope For the Church—Hope For the World (YouTube – 4:38)


TD Post & Animation: Hep B Foundation Videos

Occasionally, my friend and colleague at TD Post & Animation will pull me in as editor or assistant editor on a few projects. Some of these have been for the Hepatitis B Foundation, based in Doylestown, PA. The foundation has produced many videos for their B Free campaign in Philadelphia. They utilize video footage shot my volunteers; this is fairly rough and sometimes a bit shaky but usable, mostly recorded on pocket cameras and phones. My job has been to pull the selected, usable event-based footage together and edit to supplied background music. I string together the workable clips, putting together the basic storyline before handing it off for finishing touches.

Visit the Hep B Foundation channel on YouTube here.

I have worked on the following videos: 1) Photo Flash Mob, May 18th, 2012; and 2) Be A Hero City Wide Screening Day.


Ring Lake Ranch : Intro Video

Ring Lake Ranch is a spiritual retreat center ranch, located in the Wind River Valley just outside of Dubois, Wyoming. In this video, viewers are introduced to the ranch, learn a bit of its history, and gain an understanding of what it’s like to experience the ranch and all it has to offer. Original music by friend of both the Ranch and of Cotton Field Communications, Dawn Sample. Thanks, Dawn!

Click here to view more than a dozen video Ring Lake Ranch video testimonials from both new and long-time friends of the Ranch. I shot these on the same trip.

Video: Intro Video (Vimeo – 2:39)

Video: Intro Video (YouTube – 2:39)


Fresh Expressions U.S. : Coffee and Chaos Video

Fresh Expressions is a movement both within and outside of congregational church, seeking to be the church for an ever-changing culture and to reach those who will likely never step into a traditional church. In this video, we meet Jenifer Morales and learn about the fresh expression she started in her neighborhood as a way of getting to know her neighbors and creating a deeper, more substantial level of community. This video was born out of the testimonial video shot with Jenifer for Fresh Expressions at their Vision Day in October 2011.

Video: Coffee and Chaos (Vimeo – 3:10)

Video: Coffee and Chaos (YouTube – 3:11)


Grace Point Church: Connections Video

Grace Point is a large, non-denominational church in Newtown, Pennsylvania. They wanted a video that would allow attendees to put faces and names to the various programs and opportunities that exist throughout the church community so as to prompt relational connections. Based on budgetary limitations, I ended up conceptualizing, planning production and shooting. The creative director of Grace Point completed the edit.

Video: Connections Video (Vimeo – 2:27)

Video: Connections Video (YouTube – 2:28)


BBN3: RoofConnect Video

BBN3–a Vancouver, Canada, full-service production house–works with clients all over the world. For this project, their client was RoofConnect who wanted a video focused on their member company GSM Roofing in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. BBN3 hired me to conduct and shoot an interview with GSM President Reed Gooding and to shoot ample b-roll in and around GSM’s facility. After the shoot, I transferred the footage, pulled selects, and uploaded to BBN3’s FTP site for them to manage through post-production. This is the final product.

Video: RoofConnect Video (Vimeo – 0:43)

Video: RoofConnect Video (YouTube – 0:43)


Fresh Expressions: Testimonial Videos

As a movement of unique forms of church primarily geared toward the un-churched, Fresh Expressions (U.S.–part of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board) decided to utilize video to get the word out. They decided on testimonials captured at one of their Vision Day events. In the first testimonial, Jim Pace (one of the pastors of both an on-campus and off-campus church at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia) tells us how their existing church is thinking creatively and reaching out relationally to a segment of their local culture. In the 2nd video, Jenifer Morales (a trained pastor) and her pastor tell us about her own fresh expression and how, though it is only loosely affiliated with her local congregation, the local church has provided support. Both videos feature custom logo animation in the intro/outro. Stay tuned for several more testimonial videos, each sharing a unique perspective on fresh expressions of church.

Video: Vision Day Testimonial – Jim Pace (3:40)

Video: Vision Day Testimonial – Jenifer Morales & Gerry Clemmer (5:04)


ADHD Aware: Intro video & “I AM” video

ADHD Aware is a nonprofit organization created by and for people with ADHD. Founder Natalie Knochenhauer knows first hand what it is like to live with and parent within the context of ADHD and it is with her passion for her family in mind that she founded this organization. In the Intro video, Natalie tells us a bit about ADHD, ADHD Aware and how you can help. The “I AM” video offers a glimpse into the lives of a variety of people who all have ADHD in common. However, as you’ll see, though they each live daily with ADHD, they also identify with other aspects of life, things in which they take great pride. (Note: The “I AM” video also features a custom animated logo intro/outro.)

Video: ADHD Aware Intro (1:17)

Video: “I AM” (1:49)


Magellan Health Services: MY FEST 2011 video

In 2011, Magellan Health Services initiated the MY LIFE program in several southeastern Pennsylvania counties. On the heels of that success, enter MY FEST–a community event that brings together the MY LIFE communities, along with the great community, in celebration of life and health. The event features art and crafts, food, and music performed by community youth. This video provides an overview of MY FEST 2011. Click here for more information on MY LIFE in Pennsylvania.

Video: MY FEST 2011 (2:14)


Everase: Installation video

See how easy it is to install an Everase whiteboard over an existing black board in this instructional installation video. With professional voiceover narration, simple step-by-step instructions, and reinforcing text prompts, this video is all Everase customers need before installing on their own. But in case they need more, the new Everase website will also have a few short video Q&A elements specific to installation.

Video: Everase Installation Instructions (5:14)


iRun4Life: Program Overview video

The nonprofit iRun4Life runs fun, non-competitive, after-school running programs geared toward elementary students and was started to combat childhood obesity. What better way to communicate that than through video, particularly a video featuring educators, parents, volunteers and, most importantly, the kids. What a great story!

Video: What is an iRun4Life running program? (7:22)


Everase: Time Lapse Installation video

As Everase rebrands and rolls their product out nationally, several new videos will provide fresh content on their new website. This video is a 1-minute teaser communicating how easy it is to install their whiteboard material over an existing chalk board. Can it really be this simple? It can be, with Everase. Stay tuned for a few client testimonials and an overview video.

Video: Time Lapse Installation (1:05)


BrownDogDesign: “On the Map” video

Local branding and graphic design expert Chanin Walsh Milnazik has helped so many business put themselves “on the map”. In this video story, we hear 3 client/friends–Harmony Clean, Riverflow Yoga, and Hickory Kitchen–describe their relationship with Chanin/BrownDogDesign and the impact that the relationship has had on their businesses.

Video: “On the Map” (4:37)


Hall Family Chiropractic: short promo

Local chiropractor Craig Hall supports our local 5k races and was captured in my footage of the iRun4Life kids only 3k so I offered to put together a brief promo video for them. Check it out.

Video: Promo Video (0:29)


Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia: short documentary film

This 5-minute documentary has been entered into the 2011 Neuro Film Festival. It encapsulates my wife’s story, from TN diagnosis to present.

Video: Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia (YouTube – 05:00)

Video: Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia (Vimeo – 04:59)


Elephant’s Eye Artist Studio Tour: Web Teaser

It’s never too early to think about the 2 weekends in May offering the Elephant’s Eye Artist Studio Tour. This pro bono web teaser was edited with existing footage from last year’s doc-style 7-1/2 minute video produced with Paul Gold (see below). We want this teaser to both generate interest and draw attention to the Tour, stirring excitement in those familiar with the event while also drawing new visitors to the Tour this year. Visit the Tour website for more info.

Video: EE Tour Web Teaser (0:32)


Inverse Paradox: Cable Commercial

Local web development company Inverse Paradox decided to step up their own marketing efforts and got a great deal on local/regional cable television advertising in the wake of available spots caused by the discontinuation of political advertising after the November election. We moved forward with their concept, shot business partners Melissa and Neil in various occupational apparel, and then book-ended this part of the story with After Effects segments–the first showcasing IP’s web portfolio, the second creatively displaying their logo and contact info, both with voiceover. The final piece tells creatively communicates exactly what they want prospective clients to hear, while towing the line between slick/tech-oriented and personal/capable.

Video: 30-Second Cable Spot (00:30)


Access Services: In-House Video Training

Like many non-profits, Access Services values video storytelling communications but can’t necessarily afford to produce professional videos throughout the year. A few months ago, Access Services decided to move forward with pursuing a capacity-building grant that would allow them to purchase equipment and train a few employees to produce short, non-fiction videos. Non-profit, in-house video production! What a great concept. After many hours of training, the first piece produced by the in-house video team is a short, internal story describing what it’s like to work at Access Services. This piece will be shown in new staff orientation and will also be used on their website in employee recruitment.

Video: Orientation Video (4:08)


Inverse Paradox

My friends at Inverse Paradox developed a DIY website grading tool and wanted to use video to help promote this value-added service to website visitors and prospective clients. This short piece provides a brief overview of the self-assessment process and will integrate well into the recently-redesigned Inverse Paradox website.

Video: Grading Your Website (2:09)


TAI Incorporated

TAI founder Davis Taylor believes in the power of values-based leadership. When Davis was asked to participate in the online Leadership and Influence Summit, he asked me to partner with David Coddington of Beautiful Canvas Productions on producing a video interview as his Summit presentation. David and I partnered on the pre-production and 3-camera shoot, and I handled post-production. The final piece is a thoughtful, visually interesting tool communicating the power of values-based leadership.

Video: The Power of Values-Based Leadership (11:51)


Magellan Health Services & Access Services

Magellan Health Services and Access Services have been working together for years to improve the quality of mental health services in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Based on the success of their My Life program in Arizona, Magellan hosted Got Resiliency? 2010, a family event full of information and lots of fun, including a panel discussion for youth and their families. Access Services and Magellan partnered on producing a video that would capture the essence of this first-time area event and help spread the word of hope and that positive change is happening in this area.

Video: Got Resiliency? 2010 (1:51)


Doyle Elementary School Home & School Association (pro bono)

As Home & School Co-President, Julie Gray has done a fantastic job creating the Doyle Dash Fun Run & 5k. As a Doyle parent, I fully support the event, but this year I offered my services to put together a brief video of the event to help spread the word and to help Julie procure more corporate sponsors for next year. Enjoy!

Video: Doyle Dash 2010 (3:05)


Heart-Hand: Bodywork with an Intuitive Touch

Heart-Hand is a local wellness practitioner. We are working together to produce a series of web videos that will educate the viewer on the various services Heart-Hand offers, including Shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy, Ginger Compress, Ear Candling, Raindrop Therapy and Thai Yoga. Check back from time to time as we complete and add the videos. Click on the individual titles below to view.


Elephant’s Eye Artist Studio Tour – overview video (7:27)

My friends at Elephant’s Eye connected me  with Paul Gold (of Gold Film and Denozen Arts) and asked us to work together on this piece. The goal was an overview video that tells the story of what the Elephant’s Eye tour is all about and that can be used for both marketing and development. Paul and I used multiple cameras and spent many hours in post-production crafting a story that provides the viewer with quality information and introductions to a few of the key artists on the tour via video portraits. In the end, we have a piece that is clear, artistic and tells a wonderful story. (Click here or on the title to view.)


“The Real Deal” – short documentary (8:09)

“The Real Deal” explores the life of Roger Stolle, a man who gave up worldly success to follow his heart by documenting and preserving the last of the true Delta blues and, in doing so, gained the respect of an entire community. Co-produced/directed/edited with film partner Wade Grayson. (Click here or on the title to view.)

Check back soon for more videos!