Project Approval!

I know I don’t post very often (there are just not enough hours in the day to do it all), but I am very excited about my latest project that was just approved and wrapped up yesterday. The Peace Center and Bucks County’s Office of the District Attorney joined forces and partnered with me to produce a video that will be used to help educate Bucks County law enforcement on the issue of cyberbullying. This issue has grown along with technology and strikes hard in our own community…and not just with kids. Pennsylvania does not have cybercrime-specific crime code, but many existing crimes code align with aspects of cyberbullying (and other cyber crimes) and such situations still need proper investigation and prosecution, when appropriate.

I was so honored to hear the stories of a few teens who have lived through tragic circumstances and I was able to interview their parents, as well. These stories, while containing heart-wrenching pain, also contain great hope. Each has worked, and continues to work, toward a much better place in life, and The Peace Center has been a part of that for them.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to post this one for public viewing. But please check out The Peace Center (based in Langhorne) and learn about all the great things they do in our community. And please know that the DA’s Office is incredibly supportive of this effort. Plus, Chief Prosecutor Matt Weintraub did a great job on camera, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone!