New Videos Posted + A Look Ahead

Though these were finalized a few weeks ago, I just posted some new projects on my website (via Vimeo and YouTube). I recently produced an overview video for Newtown-based Potential, Inc. and The Springtime School—organizations providing services and supports for children and adults with Autism. In addition to interviewing staff and the founder/executive director, I interviewed a few parents and spent many hours in and around the kids and adults receiving services. What an amazing experience! The full-story overview video turned out to be 7+ minutes, so we decided to complete that version for screening at their big Autumn fundraiser and then cut 3 shorter variations for web use. These turned out to be a mini-overview video, a parent testimonial video and an adult services video.

About 2 months ago, I spent a day shooting down near the Port of Baltimore. My client, ICETEC Energy Services, wants to begin using video to tell their clients’ stories of energy use, procurement and load management. MTC Logistics—a cold storage and shipping company—was the first to tell their story. Their story, of course, included a bit about how they have benefitted substantially from their relationship with ICETEC.

You can check these new videos out by visiting And stay tuned to hear about my 8 days shooting in Virginia/North Carolina and the 5 videos I’m now editing for Fresh Expressions US.

What story do you want to tell? Contact me today and we’ll figure it out together.