Short Documentaries

Untitled (Craftsperson Series, #2)

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has long been home to artists and craftspersons of all kind. Over time, many of the artists have settled into obscurity and live beneath the public radar, and many of the craftsmen have watched  a contemporary age let public misperception about the importance of their craft win out. In this series of short films, we will explore the lives of a few of these rare, extremely talented individuals in our midst.

With the completion of Ciao, Calzolaio! (Hello, Shoemaker!), I’m ready to move on to another important story documenting a gem of Bucks County. More information will follow when the specific story and subject is on board.


A Few Weeks Each Year (working title)

We all go to stores and make purchases. But how often do we think about how those goods—furniture, groceries, clothing, etc.—got there? Sure, they arrived in a big truck. But who was driving that truck? What is life like for that long-haul trucker, whose life is based on a schedule and making the next delivery on time?

In this short documentary, we’ll travel along with a long-haul trucker and get a glimpse into the ups and downs of his life on the road. We’ll talk to him about the joys of the job and the things that he wishes might be different. And we’ll also talk to his family, who typically only see him, cumulatively, for A Few Weeks Each Year.


Once Upon a Greenhouse

[NOTE: This is not my own project.]

This short doc communicates what it can mean to be a small business owner in today’s economic climate and how partner relationships may have lasting impact. A first-time director will be telling this story through the specific and current narrative of GTW Greenhouses, a wholesaler of floral dish gardens for nearly 30 years who recently closed their doors after filing for bankruptcy. I have served as DP/camera operator and production consultant.

When last we heard, this film was in post-production under the oversight of the director.


Untitled (Agricultural Series) — ON HOLD

The Bucks-Mont area of southeastern Pennsylvania is fortunate to blend urban proximity and sensibility with rural landscape and opportunities. Such local benefits include organic produce, grass-fed cattle and poultry, and grass-fed and humanely treated dairy cows.

In this series of short agriculture/environmental films, we will explore a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm utilizing organic farming best practices and photovoltaic energy production; a family-run healthy beef farm that exists on 450 acres, over half of which are permanently preserved from development, and that implements such conservation methods as rotational grazing paddocks, field terracing and storm retention dams to reduce stream flooding; and a grass-fed, draft horse powered, dairy and beef farm that produces raw milk, artisan cheeses, and fresh and cured meats.

This series will be constantly in development for additional segments.

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