Anniversary, Plus More Great Projects

Well, my thoughtful year-end blog post never happened. Neither did a “state of the union” type of new year post. But here I am. It’s nearly March. Last September, I spent a week in Virginia (and 1 overnight in Durham, NC) shooting for Fresh Expressions US. Three of the mini-docs have been completed and can now be viewed here. I also recently finalized “Families & The Ranch” and “Faces of the Ranch: Amanda & Ben Verheul”–both are the end product of my week shooting at Ring Lake Ranch in Wyoming last July. You can also check them out here. The most recently completed project is a fantastic animated product demo piece completed for April Masterson and her client, LimnTech Scientific. TD Post & Animation created the animation. Same link works for this one, too. Enjoy!

I’m also happy to have recently celebrated 3 years of the full-time operation of Cotton Field Communications. In 2010, I was thrilled and amazed (not to mention incredibly thankful) when I made it to the 6-month mark. It has been a wonderful 3 years. Many thanks to all of my clients, project partners, friends and family for their support. Let’s keep using video to tell your stories! Email for more info or to start talking about your new video.