About Cotton Field Communications

I believe that every story—and everything worth communicating resonates in story form—has an audience. Whether you are launching a new product, introducing a new service, or simply want to share your existing stories in a visually creative way that stimulates more interest in your website, keeping site visitors around longer and increasing page views per visit, video can meet your needs.

My desire is to help you tell the best story you can in order to reach your intended and desired audience. It has been proven that video on a website helps the search engines find you easier and more frequently. Web video also provides a more interesting experience for your website visitor. What are you doing to tell your stories and communicate more effectively with your audience?

At the core of my business, I want to help and support mission-oriented organizations—both non-profit and for-profit. Everyone has a story to share. Though this is more easily stated than done, collectively we can communicate more effectively to a wider audience.

Contact me today, and we can begin exploring your stories and your video needs.

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