LIMONADA: a story of resiliency & hope

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LIMONADA will tell the story of Guatemala City’s La Limonada—Central America’s largest urban slum—as seen in the present day through the lives of an elderly man who remembers life before the ghetto but has lived in it for its entire existence; a single mom working hard, despite her situation, to provide a better life for her children than the one she had; and a gang member with a difficult family history trying hard to find a better way.

In June, 2010, I visited La Laminada as part of a mission trip partnering The Well with the non-profit Lemonade International. Over the course of the week, I knew there was a greater story needing to be told. I had the fortune of shooting a 90-minute interview with an older man who knows the history very well and who cares a lot for his community. His voice feels like a narrative thread holding a greater story together. I’m not sure if the film will work out this way, but my time with him felt like it propelled me forward in a rich and meaningful way.

The people of Limonada are some of the world’s poorest people. But they are resilient and they offer glimpses of profound hope. This is ultimately the story I plan to tell.

For more information on this project, please visit the LIMONADA website.