It Might Get Loud

Film Review: It Might Get Loud
a documentary by Davis Guggenheim

Davis Guggenheim rose to fame through directing An Inconvenient Truth, the global warming story based on data presented by Al Gore. His current offering, however, is much different but no less impactful. This film, according to the filmmakers (directors and producers), is a story about the guitar as told through 3 generations of famous and infamous guitarists. But, to me, this story is so much more, as we walk through the present, revisit a bit of the past and question the future with Jack White (of White Stripes, The Raconteurs, etc.), The Edge (from U2), and legend Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin…but you should know that!).

Each of these men came to guitar playing so differently and have evolved into such different guitar players. To hear them recount their early years and take us, the viewer, to some of those places feels like a guided tour or a behind the scenes glimpse at places we would never otherwise visit.

Ultimately, the filmmakers bring the 3 men and their vast collections of guitars and equipment together for a day of seeing what would happen on a sound stage. As they got to know one another through conversation, they took turns playing along with one another signature songs, asked questions of each other, and reminisced of bygone days. I especially love the priceless look of awe and wonder on Jack White’s face as Jimmy Page cranks out the riff of “Whole Lotta Love”. As the youngest of the trio, he seemed most like the kid in the candy store, but he also seemed to quickly gain the respect of his peers as his blues-influenced guitar virtuoso spoke for itself.

If you haven’t seen this doc, I recommend it.